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Blue Angels PHOTOBOMB wedding shot by Jordan Burch Photography

Blue Angels PHOTOBOMB wedding shot by Jordan Burch Photography

From dressing up girlfriends and snapping their pictures to documenting life’s most precious moments, Jordan Burch has turned her preteen hobby into a passionate pursuit of truth and beauty. In 2009, Jordan decided to take the leap from amateur to professional photographer, and in the process, developed her unique gift for capturing the heart of her clients through her lens. While her photographic talent has taken her across the country to shoot destination weddings in amazing locales, ship christenings for the United States Navy and even one of her girl-crush celebrities, fitness model Jamie Eason, her most recognizable clients are brides-to-be, wives, families, newborns and more all along the Gulf Coast.

What makes Jordan’s work unique? As a wife and mother herself, Jordan understands all too well the common concerns of her clientele. Whether it’s a mom feeling a bit un-photogenic; a photo shoot-fearing dad; or children acting like … well, children, Jordan aims to make her clients feel at home. Her joy comes from showing their beauty through snapshots of moments where real life and love are on display. From weddings and family shoots to boudoirs, births and end of life shoots, Jordan and her camera share the most joyous, intimate and special times in her clients’ life. The photos serve as a storyteller, a forever memento of life’s journey. And, as for those concerns her clients come to their shoot with, she always has a few tricks up her sleeve.

When not behind the lens or computer screen editing, Jordan lives for snuggling with her husband Jason, handsome son, Jack, and little princess, Juliana and the newest addition, Joe Douglas.

On the rare day off, you might find her cruising the aisles of her favorite bargain-ista stores with Starbucks Coffee in hand; test driving her dream car; or relaxing on the beach sans any obligatory technology.

The Pace, Florida native and Award Wining Family and Portrait Photographer has been featured on Good Morning America, ABC & Fox News.
She was also nominated 2013 + 2014 + 2015 +2016 Best of the Coast Photographer by In-Weekly Magazine
+ Top Finisher for Shoot & Share’s 2015 +2016 Photo contest
and is humbled to live a laid back life surrounded by her family.

She is just a small town girl with great big dreams.



a little tidbit about


The Fun Stuff {Preparing for your Shoot}

What to Wear:
Easier to say what NOT to wear. Don’t have everyone wear jeans, and white tops.
Hopefully you know that, I will assume you do. It’s better to dress individuals than to try and match. It’s best to wear layers. So instead of wearing a favorite shirt and jeans, add layers, by adding a sweater or summer scarf, or opting for leggings and a skirt instead of jeans. For men, button up shirts, with something underneath, or light tees, and light jackets. Please don’t dress your kids in petti skirts unless that is something they wear every day. You want your photos to be relevant, but also in style 5 years from now. Try to steer clear of chevron, bright {warm} colors, such as hot pink, bright orange, and neons. For inspiration, visit or or and see OUTFIT inspiration. Make sure to check out the WHAT TO WEAR icon the the left.

Accessorizing is KEY.

What to Bring:
Kids UNDER age 5, bribes.
Candy, bubbles, anything that you could pull out in case of a meltdown.
A favorite quilt/blanket, in case you need to sit, and the ground is damp or rough
Lip gloss / Lip Stick, a hair tie, in case of wind {please don’t wear on your wrist}

What NOT to Bring:
Gum! No gum!

SICK KIDS. Please, do not bring sick children. One of my rules is no sick folks, if I am sick, I will absolutely reschedule. A shoot is not worth me infecting you or your family, and please also be courteous to mine. If your child has had a fever or vomiting in the past 24 hours, let’s reschedule. Sick babies are in need of cuddles and rest, not photos.

Please arrive on time for your photo-shoot.
Session time starts at scheduled appointment time, not from client arrival time.

Appointments {if the need arises} must be canceled no later than 7 days prior to shoot to apply deposit towards future shoot. Deposits expire 90 days after they are received.
This does not apply to ill family members, PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP*

We will not re-shoot due to irritability of children. I promise I will work hard for laughs and giggles and funny faces to make for great images. The pressure of a photo-shoot can be a lot on a child when they feel the heat from mom and dad, so the best way to avoid this is to just relax, and love your children throughout your shoot. The good images will flow*


I currently do not offer “EVENT” journalistic shooting {with the exception of weddings and births}

This includes: birthday parties, baptisms, family reunions, baby showers, bachelorette parties,
live sporting events

However, I do offer styled shoots for most of these requests.