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2017 + 2018 Wedding Information


Jordan Burch Photography will be accepting weddings for 2017 + 2018 on a limited basis.
The package offered is 5 hours of wedding day coverage, with a complimentary engagement session.
(there is no discount, should you not want to use your engagement session)
The deposit for this package is $1,000*

JBP is sought after by brides who are looking for her storytelling capabilities, through her images.
Now featured on ABC NEWS, GOOD MORNING AMERICA + Fox News> > >

Flower girls, mother’s of the groom, father/daughter dances and first glances are some of her favorite moments of the BIG day.
Through out your wedding day, she’ll be looking for glances, emotions, and stories, that will be told back to you, the day you receive your wedding gallery.
Her style is journalistic, though she brings a second shooter to capture the more traditional portrait images, sometimes more popular for such occasions.

Although she loves details, she lives, for the moments.
Between the bride and groom.
Between the family. Between the friends.
And the way it all beautifully unfolds.

A face to face meeting is preferred, prior to booking, although video chat can be done too.
Weekend weddings [Friday/Saturday] are $2,750.00
Weekday weddings [Monday/Thursday] are $2,000.00

To inquire about availability, and to learn more, use the CONTACT button above.

A few of our favorite wedding stories, from 2017*

the moment he saw her.she was finally (but slowly) making the long walk towards him.he could get peeks of her, in between the faces of the crowd that were all turned to see her coming towards him.she wasn’t down the aisle yet.maybe he wasn’t supposed to look yet.
if i had to guess.they probably didn’t even have that talk.still.he spotted her.
and everyone knew it.
or at least, i did.

he quickly closed his eyes and pushed them together hard.

but his brother wore his emotions for him.

while he caught his breath, i am certain.

she was lovely.

her hair lightly tousled into a side pony, with curls draping over her shoulder.

her dress. fit her. fit the scenery.

her smile.
was contagious.
sincere. and sweet.
and genuine.

and i know.
when he saw her,

it was a lot.
for him to take in.

when he opened his eyes back up, towards her.
they were foggy.
the rims were red.
as if he had secretly cried a thousand tears somewhere for her.

but it had been only a few seconds.

when he looked towards her again.
i hoped he could still see her. as well as he had that first time.

slowly, the crowd turned to him.
as she glided closer and closer towards him on her father’s arm.

finally down the aisle.
she could finally look away from all the other faces that had been keeping him from her.
until that moment.

and she saw him.
and his reaction.
knowing, he’d seen her for far longer.
with tear filled eyes.

i can only imagine what that felt like
it makes my heart soar just to type it out.

she smiled.
so big. at him.

they were there.


you two.

absolutely. yes.

if anyone can.
you can.

and whatever it is, that you have.
i hope, that you keep it.

i was honored to be a part of your day today.
cheers + happy tears.

to this.
it’s everything.

all my love.

I’ve shot a handful of beach weddings, that each time I’d shot, I’d sworn, that they, were the most beautiful beach weddings, ever.

But yesterday, this one.

It took the cake.

The bride had booked me, based on my candor.
The first time, a bride had used that word. .
that I can remember.
(that specific word)

isn’t something a lot of brides look for in photos.

& I of all people, get that.

I’d like a much better representation of my own self, physically and overall, in my images. . than I am in real life.

Which means I’m not looking for honesty,
I’m looking for better, little white lies. . .
that make me look, slightly better, than I may actually be.

Jennifer and I hadn’t met prior to yesterday. . .

So I was certainly nervous, much like a blind date, to show up, and shoot a bride, and be able to tell her story, within moments of meeting her. . .

But she made it so easy.

The twist, to this beautiful beach day, was that these two had been married, for exactly one year, as of yesterday. . .
and I was curious, as to . . .why now. . .she wanted the ceremony and the reception. . .and the images. . .

But it all slowly unfolded. . .
as it always does.

Her groom seemed nervous, his dry sense of humor had me questioning whether he hated me, photos, or. . .both of us, equally.

As we waited for his bride, for their first look, he told me. . .
that this wasn’t really his thing.
all of these people, many of which he’d never met. .
the dressing up, the photos. . .
“we’ve been married a year. . . I mean. . .”
but then he said it

“but I love my wife.

I’d do anything for my wife”

and instantly, I understood who he was. .
at least enough to write about him. .
and to novel their day, together.

he wasn’t a mean guy.
and I don’t think he hated me.
he was just going along, with whatever it was, she wanted.

much like her sister.
and her manolo heels, that I knew she’d had no prior intention of walking around a dusty fort in. . . . or climbing up rock walls in. .

but she’d do it.
for her sister.

I started to realize, that, no one, was here, against there own wills, of course>>
but they were all, truthfully here,
to help give “Jenny” as her sister called her,

the day that she’d wanted.

Their ceremony, was by far, the loveliest beach ceremony, I’d ever attended.

Behind the ceremony site, a massive sandbar sat, and hundred of seagulls were continuing to circle, feasting as the emerald waves washed over and over, the white sand bar. . . that tempted everyone to walk out to it. . .and then on it. .

it looked like you could walk right to the end of the ocean on that sandbar. . . and the weather, would have been perfect, to do so. . .

The sun was warm, and bright, but the cool winds of March kept everyone more than comfortable. . .

I’d wished secretly she’d hired a videographer, to capture all of the sounds, and life, that photography keeps a secret.

Afterwards, we headed to their reception, where their closest friends and family (less than 50 folks) had traveled from all over, to be with them. They sat down to a family styled seating arrangement, where everyone, was essentially together, at one massive table. .

Jennifer stood up, to make a final toast, and through tear filled eyes, and a shaking, but well projected voice, she said a little something, like this. . .

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being here.
Everyone who is here, at this table, you are my family.
This, is my family.

[The tears were flowing, and everyone cried along with her, agreeing, that they were, essentially. one]

she continued. . .

I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to host an occasion, to have all of you together, at one time, in one place, that had it not been for this evening, we may not have been. . . together.

“thank you”
she ended. . .
and everyone dried their eyes with their dinner napkins. .

The military, and chasing her life dreams, had led her to meet all kinds of people, in all kinds of places.

And in fact, they had all come back, from wherever they’d been. .
to meet her, here.
to celebrate with her.
Even if it was, a year after, she actually married.

I read over the guest book, before we left.
Her guest list, had not even filled up the first page, of a book . .
with dozens of more lines, for hundreds more
names and sentiments. .

but a few lines down, it read > > >

“always wanted this for you” – dad

and I got a little teary-eyed too.

It was the perfect day, with a small, but just as mighty group of people, who were all there, to celebrate Jennifer + Derek, people, who were truly happy to have had, somewhere to be that evening, with someone(s) they loved, and cared about.

I told Jennifer that her toast, was one of the most genuine toasts, I’d ever heard. And I meant it.
Just re-reading what I wrote above, I’m really selling it short.

But I knew, how thankful she was, to not be celebrated, herself.
But to have those that she loved most, there to celebrate with her.

And even more, to have married a man, (for the second time) who could have cared less, about all this jazz. . .
but who willingly would put on a suit, wait for her, at the end of the aisle, and do it, all over again,
the way he knew she wanted. . .

just because, much like her dad, and everyone else in that room. . .

he wanted, whatever she wanted. . .

and that was this.

all, of this.

it was beautiful.
I was so honored, to have been there.

all my love,


dear future daughter in law,

i often think about you.
tonight, for example.
while i am editing, shots that look like these.

and every single wedding.
when the mother of the groom gets called up to dance.
with her little boy.

and i imagine.

my little boy.

(one of them, anyways)

i think about you.

i dwell, on how.
you realize.

as a mom.
a parent.

that the one thing.
parents really want, for their kids.

isn’t a wealthy spouse.

it isn’t for a gated neighborhood.

it isn’t for an easy life.

it isn’t, that they’ll become doctors.



it’s not that they’ll have one kid. or ten.

[closer to ten though, than one]

it’s truly.


to be happy.

because many a people.

have plenty of money.

and they’re absolutely miserable.
and broken.

i can’t think of a single {loving} mom, who’d hope her son marry a woman of wealth, only to be treated poorly by her, for the rest of his life.

we want. the best for them.
and the best for them,
it’s happiness.

it’s joy.

that elated feeling, of looking across the room.
and seeing him

looking at her.
and how, incredibly happy he is.

that person, who will carry him, through the rest of his life.
the person he will call with news, before he calls mom.
the person who will wake up with him in the middle of the night.
the person, who will love him.


makes him as happy, as you’d always hoped he grow up to be. . .

and i always cry.
if they start crying, i’m usually bawling.

because we moms.

we know, how much our loving little boys, deserve to be happy.



it looks more like burnt dinners than extravagant vacations.
it looks like continued forgiveness. for imperfections deep within each other.
it’s hard lessons learned. together.

with the one person. whose in it, for you.
and with you.

we moms.

we get to be that person.

for a really long time.

and in many ways,

we always will be.

but once you come along.
it’s never quite the same, i don’t imagine.

and that’s ok too.

so i say, all of that.

to say this.

as long, as you make him.

as happy, as he’s made me. raising him.

well then.
i’m happy to let you have a part of him.

for the record.

to meet you.

until then,
i’ll be working hard, to raise him right.

your future mother in law.

don’t even think, about cutting my dance short.
i want. the entire. song.

and five.
at least five. grand kids.