We got to have the absolute best jobs in the world today. . .

A mom reached out a few days back about how her daughter’s wish was for a French Bulldog pup.

She is an 8 year old little girl with Dysautonomia and congenital heart disease.

We would be at the airport with the pup, and pretend to just be hanging out. . . when she would tell her family they were picking up a friend that was flying in.  In a perfect world, they’d walk past us, see the pup, and ask to pet him.
Then, she’d let her girl read his shirt that says, Hi Addalyne, I am YOURS*

So K & I headed to the airport, grabbed Coop and waited for all of the magic.

Below, is a taste.

I have no words.
Sometimes, you have no idea what other people’s every day looks like.
Hour long appointments for infusion and treatment.
Not knowing if you’ll be able to stand, or even get out of bed somedays.
That could be my girl.
Or yours.

Today, I am thankful for good people.
The ones who donated this pup.
The ones who flew him here.
The ones who covered his vet bills and service training.

But mainly,
I am thankful for Addalyne.
She is so happy.
In a world where she could be, and deserves to be angry.
Or sad. About all kinds of things.

She chooses joy.

Even if today, it was in the form of a tiny black french bulldog who flew first class to meet her. . .

& I am so thankful to have just been a tiny part of it.

Congrats A & family, COOP is lucky to have you all looking out for him.
& I know he will be a welcome addition to the crew.

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