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Super sad, big brother Jackson. Remember Him? An update!

super sad new big brother.
remember him?!?!?

screaming at the hospital when he saw his new sister, in his mom’s arms??

((thanks to how absolutely adorable and heartbreaking it was, millions of people now have!))

well, he still wasn’t super into his new sister when I went back to do her newborn photos few days later…

mom assured me though, he’d been pretty cool with her ¬†ever since they came home.

he ignored her for most of our shoot.
we bribed him with pop tarts.
and promised him a trip to the park.
everything and anything.
none of it worked well.

I shot as much as I could, and tried my hardest to give them ONE. GOOD. FAMILY. PHOTO.

we were almost done.
it had been over an hour.

he wasn’t having her.
or me.
or any of this nonsense.
and we were all pretty exhausted.

“let’s try him with her one more time” I suggested. . .

we called out to grandma, and she carried him in from watching cartoons in the other room and plopped him down onto their king sized bed. . . .
I couldn’t believe it!

and without even asking him > > >

he leaned over > > >
and SOFTLY gave her the

I melted!

I loved that Ashley’s “surprised” face,
almost matched her “so sad” face. . .at the hospital.

this is why I love this.
just a few days earlier, I’d got to see them go from one to two, and journey through the thick of how it sometimes looks.
at first.

then today.
I got to see them.
have a moment like this.

the kind of moment.
when you realize it’s most likely > > >
all going to be ok. . .

or even better.
it’s going, to be really,
really good.

here is to siblings.
the good.
the bad.

and the down right, adorable.