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What to Expect


The Fun Stuff {Preparing for your Shoot}

What to Wear:

Easier to say what NOT to wear.  Don’t have everyone wear jeans, and white tops.
Hopefully you know that, I will assume you do. It’s better to dress individuals than to try and match.  It’s best to wear layers.  So instead of wearing a favorite shirt and jeans, add layers, by adding a sweater or summer scarf, or opting for leggings and a skirt instead of jeans.  For men, button up shirts, with something underneath, or light tees, and light jackets.  Please don’t dress your kids in petti skirts unless that is something they wear every day.  You want your photos to be relevant, but also in style 5 years from now. Try to steer clear of chevron, bright {warm} colors, such as hot pink, bright orange, and neons. For inspiration, visit or or and see OUTFIT inspiration.   Make sure to check out the WHAT TO WEAR icon the the left.

Accessorizing is KEY. 

What to Bring:
Kids UNDER age 5, bribes.
Candy, bubbles, anything that you could pull out in case of a meltdown.
A favorite quilt/blanket, in case you need to sit, and the ground is damp or rough
Lip gloss / Lip Stick, a hair tie, in case of wind {please don’t wear on your wrist}

What NOT to Bring:
Gum!  No gum!

SICK KIDS. Please, do not bring sick children. One of my rules is no sick folks, if I am sick, I will absolutely reschedule.  A shoot is not worth me infecting you or your family, and please also be courteous to mine.  If your child has had a fever or vomiting in the past 24 hours, let’s reschedule.  Sick babies are in need of cuddles and rest, not photos.

Please arrive on time for your photo-shoot.
Session time starts at scheduled appointment time, not from client arrival time.

Appointments {if the need arises} must be canceled no later than 7 days prior to shoot to apply deposit towards future shoot. Deposits expire 90 days after they are received.
This does not apply to ill family members, PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP*

We will not re-shoot due to irritability of children.  I promise I will work hard for laughs and giggles and funny faces to make for great images.  The pressure of a photo-shoot can be a lot on a child when they feel the heat from mom and dad, so the best way to avoid this is to just relax, and love your children throughout your shoot.  The good images will flow*


I currently do not offer “EVENT” journalistic shooting {with the exception of weddings and births}

This includes: birthday parties, baptisms, family reunions, baby showers, bachelorette parties,
live sporting events

However, I do offer styled shoots for most of these requests. Please see chart below.


YES {I’ll shoot it!}

NO { really, just not my “thing”}

Birthday styled shoot/ cake smash

Actual birthday party

Family portraits, on location

Family reunions located at church/meeting space

Maternity/ Gender Reveal Shoot

Baby shower / Gender Reveal Party

Bridal Boudoir

Bachelorette Parties

Sports themed, on location session

Actual sporting event

Senior Portraits

Graduation Ceremony

Baptism Portraits (in gown)

Actual Baptism at Church


TO VIEW IMAGES and select favorites visit site info given.  Enter password.

TO DOWNLOAD IMAGES, select the small icon located under the banner on the top right side.
Enter your password when prompted.
Select the folder (edits) and hit download.
Enter your 4 digit download code here. {NOTE, this is different from the client access password.}
This will download a ZIP file to your computer and also email the zip file to you.  The zip file should be saved on your computer in an easy to access location.  Once you have saved, you will need to extract the images (right click on folder, select extract) the images will now be ready to print.

To print images, visit NATIONSPHOTOLAB.COM or MPIX.COM to print your images, and I personally love MYPUBLISHER.COM for albums.

Your images are optimized to print UP TO 8×10.  You are not authorized to print in sizes larger than 8×10, and any attempted print enlargement over an 8×10 will not be refunded due to poor quality.

If you choose to print from a local print shop, you will need to request a copy of my copyright release letter.
I strongly discourage printing your images from walmart/target/cvs/walgreens.  The print quality will not do the images justice.
Please allow 48 hours to receive this letter.

If you are having difficulty uploading, or you receive an error telling you that your image is too small to print in 8×10, please make sure that you have EXTRACED all the images from the zip file before uploading. 

To order enlargements, PLEASE CONTACT ME @

* There is a $350 fee to re-post image galleries that have expired. Galleries expire after 90 days.

* You may opt to view your entire proofing gallery for $250*

* Additional Edits (outside of top selections from photographer) are $50 each  and include print release